SMPGD 2017

SMPGD 2017 is now concluded. We would like to thank all participants for their excellent talks, posters and discussions, creating an exciting and stimulating meeting!

The next 2018 edition of SMPGD will take place in Montpellier – for details see

The 2017 annual workshop on Statistical Methods for Post Genomic Data (SMPGD) will take place at Imperial College London, on 12-13 January 2017. Its aim is to present works from mathematical to applied statistics, but also new areas in high throughput biology that could need new statistical developments.

Registration is free of charge but mandatory.

Main topics in 2017:

The talks in SMPGD 2017 are centered around four main themes covered in four half-day sessions:

  • Theme 1: Big data in biology, medicine and health, and precision medicine
  • Theme 2: Bayesian biostatistics and machine learning in bioinformatics
  • Theme 3: Computational epidemiology and evolutionary models
  • Theme 4: Systems biology and networks

In each session in SMPGD 2017 will feature one keynote speaker and 2-3 invited speakers along with three contributed talks.

Keynote speakers:

Invited speakers:

SMPGD Steering committee:

Local organizing committee:

  • Marta Blangiardo (EBS, School of Public Health, Imperial College London)
  • Marc Chadeau-Hyam (EBS, School of Public Health, Imperial College London) – Joint Conference Chair
  • Marina Evangelou (EBS, School of Public Health and Statistics Group, Dept. of Mathematics, Imperial College London)
  • Korbinian Strimmer (EBS, School of Public Health, Imperial College London) – Joint Conference Chair
  • Michael Stumpf (TSB, Molecular Biosciences, Imperial College London)

Acknowledgments and Financial Support:

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the MRC PHE Centre for Environment and Health, from MIA-INRA and from GDR Statistique & Santé. We also thank Imperial College London for supporting this meeting by kindly providing infrastructure (rooms and lecture halls) free of charge, as well as offering adminstrative support.